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You won’t believe how many engagement rings Victoria Beckham has worn over the years

Victoria Beckham‘s engagement ring collection is truly a sight to behold, as over her 24-year marriage to football legend, David Beckham, she’s amassed a literal treasure trove of rocks. Because why settle for just one diamond ring when you can have 15?

Following the release of David Beckham’s highly anticipated self-titled, Netflix docu-series Beckham, the internet has been captivated by the iconic couple that is ‘Posh and Becks.’ From their ’90s fashion moments to David’s dizzying array of haircuts and of course, their relationship in general. 

Indeed, their love story was a key focal point of the documentary but while their engagement was explored – and their purple wedding outfits, for that matter – fans might not be aware of Victoria’s 15-plus ring collection… 

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Yes, you read that correctly! While Victoria has not confirmed the exact number of rings, it’s heavily rumoured per Ellethat following their initial engagement back in 1998 (when David proposed with a three-carat marquise-cut diamond) he has since presented his wife with at least 14 other rings.

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Victoria’s first ring would actually end up being one of her smallest (which is saying something) with the second, a diamond-encrusted platinum band, making its debut after their wedding in 2001. By 2003 though, this band had again been swapped out for a ginormous emerald-cut diamond.

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Then, much like with JLo’s first engagement ring from Ben Affleck, David gifted Victoria a pink diamond, swiftly followed by a yellow emerald-cut rock a few years later.

Between 2007 and 2010 is when the style got really extravagant, as Victoria was seen wearing an array of mega sapphire, ruby and emerald rings – each as big as the last – before the fashion designer revisited diamonds once more.

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From there on out, she started wearing a number of more simple and traditional diamond rings. We did however see another yellow diamond make a cameo in 2018, set on a diamond-encrusted band. As of 2023, Victoria has been pictured wearing what looks to be another impressive emerald-cut diamond.

(Image credit: Getty Images: Gareth Cattermole)

During the premiere of Beckham in London on October 3, the rock was definitely hard to miss alongside her winter white suit. There is a chance though, that this particular ring is one of the emerald cut styles she first debuted in the late noughties. After all, she does have an array to choose from but personally, we’re hoping her mammoth sapphire ring also makes a comeback!

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