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Gus Poyet declares interest in Ireland job: ‘I would like to be in charge of the team here’

A bizarre week for Greece manager Gus Poyet that started with a dispute triggered by comments by Ireland assistant Keith Andrews ended with the Uruguayan appearing to declare that he would fancy a crack at Stephen Kenny’s job himself.

Poyet was angered by the suggestion by Andrews that a visit to his camp in June by his former player, Brighton’s Dublin born coach Gary Dicker, had informed the Greek gameplan ahead of a victory for the natives in Athens.

In the aftermath of another win over Ireland, Poyet steered clear of a handshake with Andrews but was happier to expand on how he was struck by the interest in the Irish team. Despite presiding over a revival in Greek fortunes, Poyet’s team still play in front of modest attendances with club football the main show in town.

He is hopeful that a full house will be attracted to tomorrow’s crunch game with Netherlands but envies the support that Kenny’s players enjoy.

“It is a big plus for us to have this situation now and be able to beat the Republic of Ireland twice because, I tell you, the support in here. I would like to be in charge of the team here,” said Poyet, inviting the follow-up line of questioning.

“I would love that. I would absolutely love that. I think it is a terrific place to come and play football. I was even surprised coming from the hotel, watching the people. I pay attention a lot. How many people have got the tracksuit? The black one. How many people have the green.

“Listen, in Uruguay we are patriots, but I don’t think many people buy the national team tracksuit. I don’t remember, maybe I am wrong. The shirt? Yes. But I don’t think many people buy the tracksuit. They are there with the tracksuit, it is proper. It is proper.”

When it was put to him that there might be a vacancy in Ireland soon, Poyet quipped that his contract in Greece finishes in December before adding ‘If I qualify.’ As it happens, strong Nations League performances in League C – the level below Ireland – means they are already guaranteed a Euros playoff next March if they miss out on a top two finish.

Source: Irish Independent