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Belfast Police Issue Warning Over Cash for Transfer Scam

Police are urging the public to be vigilant after reports of scammers asking people to withdraw cash in exchange for bank transfers in Belfast.

The fraudsters claim their wallets or bank cards have been lost or forgotten, and have no money to get back to the Republic of Ireland.

They then ask people to withdraw money in exchange for a bank transfer, showing proof on their mobile phone.

However, the money never arrives into the victim’s bank account.

Ch Insp Alan Lowry said sums ranging up to £500 in cash had been taken from accounts.

He said: “Criminals use every trick in the book to steal your money and can sound so convincing it’s understandable how people can be persuaded they are genuine. However, they’re anything but.

“Our advice is that you should never disclose your personal or financial details over the phone, in person, or by email, to someone you don’t know. Guarding your personal and banking details is essential.”

Ch Insp Lowry appealed to those who believe they have been targeted to report it to police, their bank and Action Fraud.

Source : BBC